We all have our most hated body parts and mine is my stomach.

As a teen I was so ‘skinny’ (I horrible word but one I was often called) and I hated it. In college I discovered drinking and friends with cars, which meant a quick weight gain. I’d have done anything to be ‘skinny’ again.

In short, like most women, I don’t think I’ve ever been happy with my shape and in all honesty doubt I ever will be. But I’ve learned to accept the shape I am (well, most of the time anyway).

Last time crop tops were in fashion I had the stomach to wear them with pride and was too young to even appreciate it. When they rolled back around last year after a decade in the ‘crime against fashion’ pile I enviously spied seemingly billions of girls flaunting their toned tummys.

Not one to ever let a trend pass me by without at least trying it, I recently played dress up and had a go at wearing a crop top just to see if I could make this look work for me (apologies for the moody face, I was in a rush and getting annoyed at using self-timer!).

Tie Shirt Full Skirt Outfit Post

Wearing: Vintage Givenchy striped shirt (thrifted from Oxfam), high-waisted skirt (belt came with) from River Island, black leather stilettos from Faith

Pairing a tied-up shirt with a high-waisted item such as this River Island skirt (one of the items I bought in the sales) enables you to take on the crop top trend without flashing the dreaded muffin top and I actually really like this look! What do you think?

This Givenchy shirt, dubbed my ‘Beetlejuice shirt’ for obvious reasons, is one of my all-time greatest bargains – it cost only £7.50. I think it’s actually a mens’ shirt but I love it buttoned right up and tucked into jeans and now I love it tied-up too!