5 easy ways to improve your e-commerce website

So, your e-commerce site is going well, but you want it to go great, right? Then, you came to the right place. Here we have 5 easy ways to improve your e-commerce website and boost its success.

They will all give you a real advantage over your competition. Applying the to your e-commerce will change you from a small fish in the sea to a giant white shark!

1. Make your e-commerce website fast

There is no other single factor that could improve your overall website than speed. Your customers will be happier. Your site could rank better on search engines and all of that with just a bit of extra money.

It depends on how much you are willing to spend, but here there are a few tricks.

Managed DNS. One of the cheapest solutions that could have the most result. It is the system that resolves your domain name, the first step when somebody visits it. Additionally, it could offer features to manage this DNS traffic and reduce the downtime due to DNS outages.

Better hosting. Improve your server so it can manage consumers’ queries faster. More power means better speed.

CDN (Content Delivery Network). If you are a global company, have servers right where your clients are. Having more servers and a CDN will help you with speed and redundancy.

2. Excellent products’ photography

Nobody wants to buy a product that they can’t clearly see. So pay attention to the photos. They must be professionally taken. The products sizes should be easy to understand from them. Also add pictures of particular details of the products, that could be vital for the buyers. Yes, it costs, but if your shop has not so many items, you can also create a small photographic studio at your office and do the photos yourself.

3. Have a blog for your e-commerce website

Why would you need that? The answer is simple: it can get you closer to your audience and attract more potential buyers thanks to the blog’s articles. Starting a blog in WordPress is simple. Then think about content that could be easily relatable to your products. Excellently written content is a must. When you are writing it, add links and make it easy for the visitors to go to your e-commerce site. You will see both increased sales from your typical visitors and from newcomers too.

4. Excellent customer service

Who is the key to your success? Your customers! Your e-commerce site is growing thanks to them, so you should really think about them. Make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. Add Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, or another channel of communication that they prefer. Creating chatbots can help you improve your customer service significantly because it can reduce the work for your employees.

5. Fast check out

Reduce the friction for your clients. Make the checkout process simple and fast. Yes, it helps a lot if you get profiles of all your clients and what they buy, but think about those who just want a quick purchase. Leave an option to buy with only essential data and no registration.

Also, think about what payment methods and delivery options you include. Offer what is most popular in the clients’ countries, not only what is easiest for you. You will see that this care about the clients and their experience will pay off significantly in the future.


Here we gave you 5 ways to improve your e-commerce website. Go ahead and try them out. Have a great e-commerce site and plenty of clients!

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