Dec 21, 2011

Christmas giveaway: win a festive fleece onesie!


I was contacted recently by Kigs, who offered me an amazingly-fun prize to give away to one of you … so who fancies getting their mittened hands on a festive-themed fleece onesie?!

Fashion-forward they are not but while they may lack sartorial points they make up for it with the silly factor!

The prize

The winner will receive either a snowman or Santa Claus onesie, as shown above. They both come in one size only and fit anyone between 5ft and 6ft 3 inches tall.

How to enter

Entering is amazingly simple – all you have to do is:

1. Follow my blog via Bloglovin’ – CLICK HERE.

2. Leave a comment telling me what you want for Christmas!

You must do both of the things listed!

For a bonus entry:

* Tweet “I want to win a festive onesie in @By_Becky’s Christmas giveaway!”

Closing date

All entries must be in by 5pm on Christmas Eve (that’s this Saturday 24th December 2011)!

After this time I will choose a winner using

Good luck! :)

Dec 18, 2011

Lush products review

Lush products

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been so busy with parties and other seasonal Christmas fun that I just haven’t had time to blog at all. The surprise highlights of my week were ice skating at Somerset House (I can finally cross that one off my must-do list) and a trip to the panto – I know how it sounds, but believe me it was actually so much fun! I know that specifically there has been a lack of outfit posts recently (barring the odd snap) but added to the fact that taking photos is so much more difficult in the winter my boyfriend a.k.a. photographer has a new job which makes it even trickier!

So seeing as I’m all prepared with my hot chocolate, new festive scented candle, and newly-downloaded album “Barton Hollow” by The Civil Wars (so beautiful, you must get it if you don’t have it!), this afternoon seems as good a time as any to give you my thoughts on the Lush products we were gifted at the recent London Christmas blogger meet …

Lush Pow Wow lip scrub and Vanishing Cream moisturiser

Vanishing Cream

Lush had been so generous that there were actually lots of products left over once we’d all received our goody bags, so one of the blogger meet organisers, Law (That’s So Yesterday), hosted a quiz to share out the leftovers. I got one of the questions right and I chose this low-fat moisturiser as my prize based on the fact it claims to help acne-prone skin.

Scented with lavender, rose, and geranium essentials, this cream also contains witch hazel, linseed, honey and shea butter, along with jojoba and grapeseed oils. It’s super-lightweight and soaks in within seconds, leaving my skin soft and hydrated all day without any greasy or sticky residue. It also smells completely divine!

A 45g pot is £16.75 which, whilst not cheap, isn’t ridiculously expensive either. I’ve been using this for a month and have only used about a third of the tub. I adore my usual moisturiser, Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream, but this has won me over and I’ll definitely be buying it again.

Pow Wow Lip Scrub

Our lips need a bit of extra TLC over the winter months to stop them becoming dry so this limited edition exfoliating lip scrub is perfect for this time of year. It contains popping candy (really!), which freaked me out the first time I used it as I hadn’t read the label! It also contains organic jojoba oil to soothe redness and argan and rose oils to soften and moisturise.

I’ve been using this about once per week as a preventative measure – it smells deliciously fresh and citrus-y and definitely makes my lips feel smoother.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

This is Lush’s number one bestseller this Christmas. I have to say I completely understand why and it’s not just because it has a hint of sparkle; the fruity scent is so sweet I wish it was edible! Reminiscent of an old-fashioned sweet shop, it’s a strong fragrance but not overpowering. Put it this way – I can always tell when Chris has borrowed it even though he always denies it …

Lush Superstars Bar and lip tints

Lip tints in Celebrate and Chilli Tingle

To further help your pout throughout the party season, these lip tints are perfect at complementing a strong smokey eye and both contain jojoba oil to keep your lips soft and moisturised.

New Chilli Tingle is made with real Mexican chillis and, whilst I didn’t feel any of the promised tingle, I really like the orangey colour as an alternative to the usual pink or red lips so often seen at this time of year. It also contains icing sugar to give it a sweeter taste.

Celebrate is another product with an unexpected ingredient – cognac! Topped with fizzy popping candy, when mixed with lemon, grapefruit and softening almond and camellia oils, it not only exfoliates and moisturises but also tastes like pink champagne and leaves a gorgeous subtle pink sheen to your pout.

Lush lip tint swatches

We were also given a Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic and Superstars Bubble Bar but I don’t have a bath, more’s the pity, so I gave them to my Mum and sister. They both smelt beyond delicious; before handing them over to the lucky new recipients I had actually taken to leaving them dotted around the house as they had an air-freshener-type effect. My family are more inclined to take showers but my Mum informed me she’s already used both of them up – she thought they’re both really lovely and left her skin very soft.

I hadn’t actually used a single Lush product before but after playing with all of these over the past few weeks I’m a new fan. I’ve been really, really impressed and will definitely be popping into their stores for some lovely stocking fillers – I might pick up a little present for myself while I’m there … :)


Dec 12, 2011

Review: MeMeMe Smokey Eyes make up kit

MeMeMe Smokey Eyes Kit

Smokey eyes

After I wrote a review of the MeMeMe Goddess Collection contacted me again to see if I wanted to also test out another make up product from their site. I’d been so impressed with the Goddess Collection that I jumped at the chance!

A fan of a smouldering smokey eye for as long as I’ve been wearing make up, I was immediately drawn the to the MeMeMe Smokey Eye make up kit and I tested it out properly last week when I attended an evening event.

The ‘create the look’ kit contains:

1) Fat Cat mascara

2) Eye Sweep in black

3) Eye Line eye pencil in coal

4) Powder Eyeshadow Trio

5) A handy step-by-step card

Smokey Eyes Kit eyeliners

Eye Sweep

This is the first time I’ve tried a felt tip-style eyeliner and I am completely sold. This product is so, so easy to use, lasts all day without smudging, and is the perfect inky black. I’ve used it every single day since!

It’s also a great starter tool if you’re new to using eyeliner: it’s easy to build up gradually and the precise nib makes that timeless make up look the eye flick so simple to achieve.

Eye Line

I have used Dior’s eyeliner crayon for years and simply put I adore it so this Eye Line had a lot to live up to – and yet I was really, really impressed. The colour is very strong and long-lasting yet it’s easily smudged with a cotton bud to make it softer and more lived-in. I’ll be giving this a permanent place in my make up kit (but I’ll still keep my Dior crayon too, a bit of luxury never goes amiss!).

Smokey Eyes Kit eyeshadow and mascara

Powder Eyeshadow Trio

This trio consists of white, mid-grey and dark grey eyeshadows. The theory is to apply to white as a base and highlighter, the mid grey into the crease of the socket, and to use the dark grey to add more depth. Of course the colours can also be used singularly or with other shades; I’m favouring the dark grey with a nice plummy-purple for a more colourful alternative.

As with the other products in this kit, these are also very hard-wearing and barely creased all evening, despite the fact that I forgot to apply my eye primer as I was rushing.

Fat Cat mascara

I’m not faithful to any one brand or type of mascara and I like trying new ones as and when they appear on the market. So, I was keen to try this and can safely say it’s definitely one I’d be happy to buy again as it’s super-black and made my lashes look really thick: along with Clinique’s High Impact and Maybelline’s Volum’Express One by One it’s a new favourite!

Before and after

Smokey eye and bare eye

You’ve already seen what the products look like when they’re applied, here’s a made-up eye next to a bare eye so you can compare the difference. As I’ve already mentioned I wore this look for an event so if you’d like to see what this looked like from a distance just pop over to my post about the IntoWP Windows event.

Overall thoughts

Once again, I was incredibly impressed with this kit from MeMeMe. The products are all highly pigmented, much more so than you’d expect for make up within this lower end of the price range.

Not only that but they last forever. Seriously, I committed the ultimate skin sin of falling asleep in my make up and the next morning my eye make up still looked freshly applied! Just don’t try that at home … ;)

Click to buy: MeMeMe Smokey Eye make up kit (currently on special offer!)


Dec 11, 2011

Lumie Clear light treatment trial: weeks 3-4

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my experience of adult acne and everything I’ve tried to get rid of it. Let me just reiterate for a minute the affect acne can have on your life. I’m not being dramatic about a couple of spots here! I have avoided social occasions because of my skin and I’ve found it so frustrating that it’s reduced me to tears (and I am not a cryer).

So I am currently trialling Lumie Light’s “Clear”, a light therapy product that uses red and blue LEDs to help reduce and prevent spots. At the time of that first post I had been using the light for a week or so and wasn’t yet seeing any difference – I was ok with that though, Lumie had said it takes around 4 weeks before you notice any changes.

So as I hit the 4-week mark what are my thoughts?

I am definitely starting to see an improvement in my skin!

After 3 weeks of using Lumie Clear I must admit I was starting to get frustrated. Why wasn’t it working?! I’d been using it every single day for 30 minutes! I had to remind myself that I had another week to go before it should start to show signs of working.

Now, I can definitely see a change in my skin.

Earlier this week I committed the ultimate skin sin and fell asleep while still wearing make up (I’m so annoyed at myself, I haven’t done it for years!). I’ve been paying for it since.

I am still getting the odd new spot anyway, despite this mishap, but they clear up much quicker now. I can actually see reduced redness immediately after using Lumie Clear so it makes sense to use it in the mornings (although some days I can’t quite wake myself up early enough!).

I’ll update you again in a couple of weeks. I’m excited to see how my skin (hopefully!) continues to improve ’til then!

Buy Lumie Clear (currently on special offer!).

If you’ve any questions about the product just leave a comment and I’ll try to help :)




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