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Rules for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Needs.

Choosing the perfect domain name for your needs can be an interesting or stressful mission. It’s vital for your online success, for being found by clients. You don’t want to be totally ignored by the search engine’s radar. 

Check out the following rules, and you will pick that perfect domain name without pain.

Choose a short domain name.

Short names can be remembered easier, and they avoid confusion on users. With a long name, you can forget one of its words, and that’s enough not to reach the domain. While trying possibilities, users can end up in another destination. 

It’s allowed to create domain names of up to 63 characters. The rule points no more than fifteen characters is optimal.

Make it easier for your audience.

Creativity is very welcome for defining the perfect domain name. Just avoid complexity. Sometimes, to brighten among competitors, people choose uncommon words, created or foreign ones. They repeat twice a consecutive consonant or vowel or add more than one dash, maybe numbers. Remember, you’re building a catchy domain name, not a password. 

Avoid elements that make domain names harder to understand, spell, remember, pronounce, and type. Otherwise, you definitely will get uniqueness, but at the cost of being unreachable online. 

If your mother language is Russian, Hindi, or Japanese, and your target market is absolutely local, use the letters of your alphabet. But if you look for reaching an international scope, prefer the use of Latin letters.

As a rule, a clear domain prevents confusion and orthography mistakes. 

Use keywords to build your domain name.

You can play using keywords related to your business objectives, field, etc., for building your perfect domain name. Adding a keyword to it can tell search engines what your domain is about and be ranked better. 

Choose the best top-level domain (TLD).

Currently, the variety of TLDs is really wide. You can even create yours. But experience shows that most users consider reliable only a few of them. Besides, the use of the oldest TLDs has become a habit for most users. Sometimes they directly type .com, .org, .net, for instance. Actually, have you seen that some smartphones have a .com button?

Choosing between the most popular ones can add reliability to your domain, and that’s not minor. Newer TLDs (.photography, .ninja, etc.) sound fresh and fun but still have a long way to get under people’s skin. 

The rule is to choose what is best for your online business. TLDs can add extra information about your field, purpose, location, etc., to your users. Don’t waste the chance to mean something valuable with it, instead of picking randomly. 

Research your domain name before registering it.

Defining a domain name is not only a matter of creativity. Availability and legal rights are factors to consider too.

Once you get to choose the perfect domain name, don’t run directly to register it. Understandably, you want to register it before someone else does it. But first, research about it. Be sure it’s not already taken, or it’s a trademark. Doing it is a healthy habit to prevent sues and legal problems.

You can check by yourself on the Internet, and you can try more advanced trademark researches to be sure.


Building an online business is an exciting adventure. Be enthusiastic and creative while choosing the perfect domain name for your needs. These rules are very useful to give creativity proper direction, a guide not to get lost. Try them! You won’t regret it!

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