Nov 9, 2011

Why blogging is more difficult in the winter

Besides the fact that 24% of the UK population suffers from SAD or subsyndromal SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) winter gives me more problems than the blues and a lack of motivation to get out of bed on those cold, dark mornings.  As a fashion blogger it also impacts on my ability to post. Here’s why.

It’s difficult to take outfit photos in the evenings

Bad model

As you probably know my blog is just a hobby and I actually work full-time: this leaves me with evenings and weekends on which to take outfit photos.  But now it gets dark – really dark – at 4pm evening photoshoots are out of the question, and as I only tend to wear a couple of outfits over the weekend (besides my lounging-around-the-house clothes) that is a grand total of 2-3 potential outfits to post each week.  Presuming all of my weekend outfits are interesting, which they’re not.

Besides anything else my boyfriend isn’t the most willing photographer so his idea spending quality time together over the weekend isn’t standing in the street with me screeching various versions of “URGH THAT ONE’S HORRIBLE!” at him { note to self: it’s not the angle that’s making you look podgy it’s the packet of Jammy Dodgers you inhaled last night … }.

Flash is harsh and unflattering

Bad flash - me in Amsterdam

Even if I was inclined to take some photos during the dark evenings, inside or out flash would be a necessity and since the built-in flash on cameras is wholly unflattering and usually far too harsh I try to avoid it at all costs.

Last year I did invest in a proper flash gun with a swivelling head and slide-out diffuser but the thing eats batteries so fast I can barely afford to use it.

Oh, and if you don’t use flash you just end up with crappy blurry images. Win.

The weather is usually hideous

Rainy NYC

{ I actually took this photo in June, that’s unpredictable NYC weather for you. }

Even if you get lucky and your boyfriend/Mum/friend/whatever actually volunteers to spend the weekend photographing you, it’s likely to be pouring with rain. That means that once again it’s also likely to be dark, you could damage your camera, and you’ll probably look crap (no offence, I’m sure you’d agree).

On dry days it’s often so freezing outside that removing your coat for even 5 minutes to take some outfit shots would result in hypothermia.  Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic, but basically it’s safe to say our outdoor outfit shots will consist of coats and boots for the next 4 months.

And now some positives!

- The cold weather presents lots of layering opportunities.

- Some of the best accessories are scarves, gloves and hats.

- Those cold, crisp mornings create the ideal natural light for your shots.

- Even better, misty days make for beautiful and haunting photos.

In summary …

Expect to see a lot of lookbooks, event photos, reviews and recipes here over the next few months!



  • Becky, this is all too funny and true. It”s my first time experiencing winter as a blogger as I started is summer and all these items were on my list too.

    I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the pros :) Great post.


  • I totally agree! It’s been really hard to get good shots for my blog… now I have to have dress up time on the weekend and do a shoot with several different outfits!!! My Dad finds it very amusing!

    On the pros… I totally love layering up!

    Great post Becky :-)

  • I totally agree! I’m new to the blogging world, so I wasn’t prepared for the early dark evenings and the wet weather. It sure puts a damper on picture taking. Your blog is always lovely though. :)

    Shannon recently posted…{Look Book} Autumn Berry

  • Ha ha, this post really made me smile :) I totally agree that when the cold and dark days come… goes the will to get out there and try and look glamorous for the camera whilst freezing :) I do love dressing for winter over summer though, the possibilities are endless :) I hope you are having a great week!

    Love, Vanilla
    Vanilla-Notes from my closet recently posted…Closet addition- A gift and wrap dresses

  • Ah! I totally relate to this post. I definitely suffer from S.A.D. as this is only my 5th winter ever. So depressing. I hate the cold and look hideous in the winter haha!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  • So true!!
    adele recently posted…My New Weapon Of Choice…

  • I so enjoyed reading this post – a nice balance of negatives and positives.
    Whilst I blog about fashion I am not considered a “Fashion Blogger” – there are other interesting topics to write about other than “Fashion Posts” – I, too, work full-time. This might sound odd but I can only bear to see a few outfit posts of myself on my blog – then I find it dull to only have myself featured there. lol. Winter can be very inspirational. xx
    Englishvers recently posted…All Day Within A Sunday

  • Hahahaha!!! That’s so funny! I know what you mean. Makes you really miss summer!
    The White List recently posted…Brooklyn Bridge

  • Oh dear my thoughts exactly. Luke hates taking photos of me and I am sure he does them as crap as he possibly can. We should campaign about the clocks being put forward, the farmers can bugger off, us bloggers need our light hahaha xx
    Kylie recently posted…I’m with the band + competition

  • I love this post, it made me chuckle! the joys of our great country. broke out my SAD lamp this week! xxx

  • I sooooo understand, the rain the other day made taking photos a nightmare! Plus I can only take them from 7.30-7.45am outside when my family seem to be having breakfast. Luckily the weather isn’t too cold but am dreading the really chilly months, will have to be a lot quicker!

  • What a fantastic post!! I had such a good laugh but you are absolutely right. It is indeed challenging. When I leave the house in the morning it is still gloomy and when I get out of the office it is already dark. And everything looks different in the dark. Thanks for this great post and have a wonderful weekend! xo, Christina
    Styleclouds recently posted…Think Pink

  • Oh my goodness, you’ve basically summed up all of my blogging nightmares in one post! It’s so true…I despair at the thought of outfit posts in the winter!!! Glad I’m not alone :-)

  • Nice post ! I had’nt really considered the logistics and mechanics of preparing outfit posting this time of year. I do love early morning / late afternoon light when we are lucky enough to get a sunshiny day this time of year. The colours take on a magnificent hue

    ps – Love the shoe background on your blog – thats wonderful
    Paul recently posted…Fashion Alphabet – B is for…

  • This is so true! its so annoying trying to find any light at the moment! the second there is any i run towards it like a moth to a light bulb haha xoxo

  • Oh I soooo feel you girl! I hate that it is so dark and it’s virtually impossible to take outfit photos outside. I also say to my BF all the time to take the damn photo faster. LOL!
    Mademoiselle Lala recently posted…WIWT: at Covent Garden

  • Gosh, I’m having the same issues! Boyfriend, weather, no daylight, work… everything you said, I feel your pain! I used to run home during the day at lunch and take my pics then – but work (ugh WORK!) is preventing me from doing even that! By 5 p.m., it’s getting dark, and it’s usually freezing, so that won’t work. I’ve started taking my pics in the morning but this only works if a. I get ready quickly and b. I don’t dawdle deciding what to wear. I usually get one out of those two.

    I did invest in one thing for my crappy, crappy point-and-shoot – a tripod. It’s made taking my OWN pics (thanks a lot, boyfriend) much easier and actually allowed me to experiment with different settings, locations, etc. Ugh, it’s tough. I can see how blogging would be much easier as a fulltime job! (if only it paid!)
    Catherine recently posted…weekend wishlist: glitter toms, tights, vintage colts tee, jewelry box

  • I agree with everything you said! The lack of light is killing me. My house isn’t fancy enough for indoor photos so I’ve resorted to reassembling the outfits that I wore during the week over the weekend. If only my full time job didn’t get in the way I would have all kinds of pictures in daylight…haha
    Tina @ Fashion Dynamite recently posted…Ripped Jeans and Bling

  • Oh my, these are such pretty, Your outfit is lovely too!
    Prettygreentea recently posted…Oh Googly Eyes…

  • Word friend! When I get home from work all I want to do is take a hot shower and have a hearty meal and go to bed. Plus all the holidays that are coming makes it so super difficult to find the time to get posts together.
    Jamillah recently posted…What I Wore-Green! Green! Green!

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  • I agree the other day I tried to do some photos outside and it was very cold so I looked crab in all the photos because of my moody face! Indoors photos are a great alternative :)
    Victoria recently posted…Look of the day – Vintage

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  • I thought I was the only one experiencing this first world problem! I have been stressing about my evening photo shoots ever since September. I tried taking indoor pics for the first time the other day and they looked pretty bad! I linked to your blog post in my post because you did such a fine job of capturing the dilemma.

    When Bad Lighting Happens to Good People
    Adaena recently posted…Travels with Clothes Karma: Part Deux

  • Totally agree! Winter and rain please go away, haha! I do, however love wearing my gloves and always welcome a great scarf addition to my wardrobe, layering does wonders. :-)

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  • Terrific blog post! At least you know what to expect. I like in the US in the midwest and I have zero clue if it’s going to be 70 or 30 on any given day. Ugh!
    Carli recently posted…Low Entry Giveaways….

  • Woah,your blog is absolutely great!
    Manvi Mittal recently posted…Links a la mode.

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  • Becky! You are so spot on with this one. My boyfriend is my photographer and he pretty much hates me for it!! Thank you for letting me know that Im not the only one out there jogging in heels from one cute building front to another in hopes of catching a shot where Im not going to get soaked by an on-coming car :)
    Eunice recently posted…Banana Republic x Gap x Old Navy 35% off!

  • haha! I laughed out loud reading this post. You got it right – everything you said I have gone through in the past 2 wks! Hourly I am problem solving future photo venues because taking pics inside my house is NOT okay. Since I don’t go to a lot of events though I have to find some other type of creative environment…My last post was inside an open market which worked really well! Also, get two umbrellas – one for your photographer and one for you! Then neither of you get wet – Yours can be cute of course for your blog – it can be an accessory :) good luck!

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  • Ha ha, agreed! Not a fashion blogger but it’s so hard taking pics of things in winter… all the light is a bit grey and there’s not much of it! Love the captions too :)
    Zoë {Conversation Pieces} recently posted…Saturday I’m smitten… with vintage markets

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