Monday, 28 February 2011

London Fashion Weekend

Vodafone Screening Room
I ate the most delicious goats cheese and vegetable sandwich from Gail's
An amazing vintage handbag which actually works as a telephone!

Jenni and I had a wonderful time at London Fashion Weekend. There were some serious bargains to be had in room after room of clothing, accessories, and beauty products. I came away with an Ever US dress, Twenty8Twelve silk scarf, and 2 pairs of false eyelashes (with some free stick-on nails thrown in) from Kiss. We still weren't shopped out so we headed to Westfield afterwards where I picked up some Pretty Polly suspender tights from River Island.

I wore my new dress last night when we went out to Floridita in Soho again, we were feeling sorry for ourselves all day yesterday and spent 3 hours in Starbucks near St Paul's Cathedral whilst our bodies rid us of all of the alcohol we'd comsumed and until we felt human again - Jenni even fell asleep for an hour.

I just want to say thanks so much to LibertyLondonGirl and Lavazza for the LFWend tickets!

What did you get up to this weekend?

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Blah Blah Becky said...

Gorgeous photos. It looks like you had an amazing time at fashion week. That telephone bag is beautiful!

Blah Blah Becky said...

Great photos, looks like an amazing time. Did you go to Fashion Week as well? x

Blah Blah Becky said...

Oh I wish I could have been at London Fashion Weekend this year, I was there last year and got the most amazing American Retro dress for a tiny fraction of the retail price. That telephone bag is AMAZING! xx

Blah Blah Becky said...

Love your photos from Somerset House - fantastic! Sounds like you had an amazing time. It was my first time at Somerset House this year as I got a late press pass. I was blown away by the place itself, the shows and the people watching opportunities. x

Blah Blah Becky said...

Gorgeous photos! That goat cheese sandwich sounds divine.

Blah Blah Becky said...

Love the photos of LFWend!! I went last year and my photos were not nearly so creative!! Sounds like you had a fabulous time :)

cosisikh said...

Thanks for your share! very impressive!