Dec 8, 2011

Windows Phone ‘Into’ Insider Social



I’ve not been too well this week and am currently tucked up in bed feeling pretty grim, so I’ll try let the photos do most of the talking about this event I attended a few days ago (a chatterbox even when ill, this will be difficult).

Hosted by Windows Phone and curated by former-Blur-bassist-turned-foodie Alex James, there was live music from several acts along with yummy food from super-chef Mark Hix (you may remember I also got to try his food at the Selfridges White Christmas launch and it is mouth-watering), plus a DJ set from Richard Jones and Sophie Ellis-Bextor. FYI she’s even more ridiculously beautiful in real life, how annoying (oh and she’s nice too, try not to hate her too much).

Suffice to say it was a pretty amazing night spent in the company of my man and some lovely bloggers (Really ReeBoy Meets Fashion and May Loves Makeup). One day I’ll tell you about how I embarrassed myself in front of Alex James himself not once but twice. For now I’m still dying of shame.

p.s. Say hello to my little friend ;)









Wearing: white top by Zoa via TK Maxx, faux leather skirt c/o Clothing at Tesco, tights from Marks and Spencer, shoes from River Island, collar necklace c/o Jon Richard

p.p.s. I was sent the necklace by lovely Emma at Jon Richard Jewellery. I love the collar necklace trend and silver is definitely my go-to metallic so this is right up my street. I’m sure it’ll be round my neck for the foreseeable future!

p.p.p.s. I bought this skirt with a voucher I was sent by Clothing at Tesco after I went to their F+F SS12 preview event and it’s another piece I’ll be wearing a lot, either dressed down with an oversized knit or glammed up for events such as my work’s Christmas party (which is tomorrow night so here’s hoping I feel well enough to go – fingers crossed!).


Dec 5, 2011

Some rather lovely recent purchases


A quick post as I need to get ready for the Windows Live party I’m going to this evening, I’ll be back with all of the shenanigans later this week!

I’ve seen quite a few of these posts and thought it’d be fun to do one of my own, especially as I’ve bought some lovely little bits and bobs recently if I do say so myself.

If you’ve ever done one of these please leave a link below! (I do love that blogging allows me to be unashamedly nosy.)

M&S earphone tidy

I actually despise wires of all kinds because of their tendency to tangle. This £2 purchase is cheap, practical, and so bright it’s easy to find in the bottom of my bag (although it does come in other colours too).

Click to buy: M&S earphone tidy

iPhone bunny case

Another cheap and cheerful buy. You may think it sacrilege to dress a gorgeous phone in such clobber but now and again immaturity takes over.

(FYI: I am also on the hunt for a sleeker leather alternative …).

Click to buy: iPhone bunny case

Nars blusher in “Orgasm”

I finally bought this cult product to see what all the fuss was about. I usually find products this hyped to be disappointing – not in this case. It might look too sparkly in the compact but when you put it on it just gives a gorgeous shimmer. I love it.

Click to buy: Nars Blush in Orgasm

Panda nightlight

A silly little purchase but one that makes me smile nonetheless. eBay was invented so we could all buy cute crap like this. It’s possibly the best 99p I’ve ever spent.

Click to buy: Panda Night Light 

Adele “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” DVD

My Adele obsession only grew after I saw her live in Manchester in September. As I stood amongst the crowd I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed at the audience’s reaction to her: you could literally feel love pouring out of them towards her.

I pre-ordered this as soon as it became available and curled up to watch it late on on Sunday afternoon. I was slightly disappointed in that you can tell she wasn’t 100% well when they recorded this but of course she still sounds phenomenal.

Click to buy: Adele “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” on DVD

Camera necklace

After hearing many good things about Battersea Car Boot Sale I wandered down there on Sunday lunchtime. Ha, I wish! It took me over an hour to get there and it was pretty rubbish in all honesty. This cute camera necklace was the only thing I bought (it was only £1.50). I know boot sales can be hit-and-miss but I don’t think I’ll bother dragging myself all the way to Battersea again for this one.

Vintage Levi cut-offs

I finally found my dream vintage Levi cut-offs! These were a bargainous £10 from Judy’s at Spitalfields and the stallholder had scores of pairs in all sizes so if you’ve been looking for some too get yourself down to the next fair on 7th January :)

Vintage jar

Another purchase from Judy’s Vintage Fair. I’ve developed a bit of an inexplicable fascination with old jars and bottles so I grabbed this lovely embossed one when I saw it. The stallholder confessed it had been part of a family of 3 but she’d just dropped and smashed the other 2 so she let me adopt this remaining survivor for £5. I’ll be using it as a tea light holder and vase.

Sam Edelman “Parley” boots

Another long-standing member of my ‘must-have classics’ list, I can now tick off chelsea boots. These are butter-soft, the ideal heel height, and I love the added edge the (faux) zip gives. They’re also available in the wonderfully-named whiskey brown.

Click to buy: Sam Edelman “Parley” boots

And not pictured …

I’ve also booked a little day-trip to Paris!! I’ve not been to the city of lights for almost 3 years and that was also my only visit to Paris so far. The benefit of living in London is that you can hop on the Eurostar and be there in just over 2 hours. No trekking to and from suburbian airports, no long-winded checking-in times, no flight terrors, no fuss. Me loves it.


Dec 3, 2011

Judy’s Vintage Fair at Spitalfields

Judy's sign

When I got home from Judy’s Vintage Fair at Spitalfields earlier this afternoon I realised I’d got a bit snap-happy. How on earth was I going to whittle down all of the photos I’d taken?! I settled down to work with some pick’n'mix but the answer is I couldn’t, so here’s a rather photo-heavy post.

I’d only been to one of Judy’s fairs before. The event moves around the UK and I’ve always been in the wrong city at the wrong time, apart from the one occasion where I randomly stumbled across the vintage fair in Leeds. There will now also be a dedicated event taking place in London’s Old Spitalfield Market on the first Saturday of each month – when I spotted a tweet from Judy’s team calling out for bloggers I was quick to put myself forward to report from this first one!

My mission was simple and super-fun: armed with a disposable camera I was asked to document my experience of the fair in 27 unedited snaps. I love a bit of lo-tech from time to time but the flash seemed to be broken so fingers crossed my photos turn out ok! They’ll be developed this week and I’ll link to them once they’ve been uploaded to the Judy’s website. In the meantime you can see a little bio about me on the Judy’s Facebook page.

So what did I think of the fair? I absolutely loved it. I had a real treasure hunt in mind but in all honesty no rummaging is needed – each and every item is a treasure! Judy’s marketing manager Kieran assured me that they’ve spent time separating the wheat from the chaff and it’s certainly evident. I mentally spent a small fortune but managed to stick (kind-of) to my self-imposed budget, although admittedly that’s only because the nearest cash machine ran out of money literally as I was queuing to use it!

Anyway here are some of the photos I took on my SLR (I also took some using my latest addiction, Instagram).

Tomorrow Judy’s Vintage Furniture Flea is taking place from 11am at York Hall, Old Ford Road, E2 (entrance £2-3). I’m planning on hitting that, followed by Columbia Road Flower Market, then Battersea Car Boot Sale! Happy weekend!

Reporter kit

{ My kit from Judy’s team: disposable camera, the aforementioned pick’n'mix, fresh OJ, and a Judy’s tote and rosette. }

Old Spitalfields Market

Market stalls


{ I bought a beautiful old jar from this stall, Frank & Fearless; I plan on using it as a vase and / or tealight holder. }



{ Stallholders at Tom’s Camera Exchange. }


Toy rings

Clocks and retro telephones

Jewellery and sunglasses

Bright vintage jumpers


Vintage trilby hats

Vintage storage tins

Brass necklaces




{ This stallholder was holding a retro hair styling session in the afternoon. }



Tea sets


{ The business card alongside these glasses shows a photo of the stallholder when she was 11 years old. }

Playing card hat

Vintage sewing machine

Retro magazines


Vintage maps

Lipstick mirror "love me"

Christmas brooches

Lilliput miniature dictionary

Milk crate and bottles

Vintage earrings

{ Earrings at Arabella Bianco – take a peek at Arabella’s Fashion Blog! }

Rockabetty Stores

Vintage knitwear

What can I buy?

Pretty much anything and everything! Clothes, footwear, accessories, jewellery, luggage, homewares, furniture, art, craft equipment, records, books, magazines and comics, plus items that are re-worked from genuine vintage or brand-new pieces that are vintage-inspired.

What will I see?

Lots of glamorous ladies dressed in full-on vintage looks, plenty of dogs (some also wearing clothes), the friendliest stallholders in London, and 150-ish stalls full of more excellent condition, well-priced vintage than you can imagine.

Where and when?

Judy’s at Spitalfields, Old Spitalfields Market, London, EC1. Monthly on the first Saturday of each month (next fair 7th January 2012).

Judy’s (usual) Vintage Fair is also still touring the UK on a regular basis, check the website for info.


Dec 2, 2011

London Christmas Blogger Meet

The bloggers

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a blogger meet which had been organised by Emma (The Daisy Chain) and Law (That’s So Yesterday).  I wasn’t able to make the last one so I was really looking forward to my first ever blogger get-together!  Emma and Law had done an uh-mazing job finding a lovely venue (The Warwick in Soho) and also several sponsors so first of all a huge thank you and well done to them – you guys are 100% amazing!

There were so many bloggers at the event and it was a fantastic opportunity to mingle with some new ladies, compare ideas and experiences, and learn about some new blogs.  As bloggers are wont to do, most of us were tweeting throughout the day using the hashtag #ldnxmasbloggermeet.

Some of the sponsors were also in attendance to give little presentations.  I was slightly an hour late so I missed some of it but I did catch the talks by Anna from Maggie Angus and Faye from Wired Jewellery; I found them both to be incredibly inspirational and I genuinely adored all of the exquisite pieces they showed us.  If you’re a jewellery magpie or are looking for any stocking fillers make sure you pay their websites a visit (links below)!

After the event I went for a drink and a chat with the gorgeous and super-sweet Hayley from Fashion and Me.  It was the perfect end to a lovely afternoon.  I’m already looking forward to the next meet, I’ll see you there! :)

The bloggers

The bloggers who made it to the event were: Emma (The Daisy Chain), Law (That’s So Yesterday), Jemma (Floral Etiquette), Faye (All These Pretty Things), Sarah (Sarah Betty), Amy (Paperbacks + Postcards), Joanna (Mademoiselle Lala), Kirsti (The Notebook), Helen (Half The World Away), Susuana (Susuana Loves You), Emily (Maybe It’s Our First Mistake), CathyAnn (Sassy Cigar), Christie (Baby, I’m Bored), Anna (Maggie Angus blog), Lauren (A Bird In The Hand), Puja (British Inadequacy), Daisy (Pretty Green Tea), Eve (A Handful Of Dust), Suzi (Style Suzi), Claire (Rainbows & Fairydust), Hayley (Fashion and Me), Jo (Little Jo), Mary (The Another Girls Life channel), Lucy (Chatterbox At Your Service channel), Lucy (Lucy Boots), Annabel (Yoyo and Bell), Amy (Amy Knows Best?), and Michelle (MissAllen).  I told you there were a lot of us!

Emma and Law have assured us there will be more events in the new year so if you fancy coming next time just keep an eye on their blogs (I’ll tweet when I know more too).

The sponsors

We each received an incredibly generous goody bag from the event, packed with several goodies from Lush (which I’ll try to review soon), a Maggie Angus black acrylic fox head ring, Wired Jewellery’s chalkboard ring and gummy bear ring (which find on the site at the moment), a Bang On Vintage Bang On Reworked bracelet (specially made for this blogger meet!), and’s LoveLabel lip gloss set and a LoveLabel nail polish set.

Wired Jewellery discount code

I’ve been given a special 10% off code for Wired Jewellery to share with you, just enter the promo code “WELOVEBECKY“!  This works on the main Wired Jewellery website and also on Wired Jewellery on ASOS Marketplace – prices start at a ridiculously cheap 50p and all metal is UK-sourced and sterling silver so happy shopping!

Bang On Vintage discount code

They also gave us a discount code to share with our readers so for 15% off the whole Bang On Vintage store just use the code “XMASBLOGGER11“!

London Blogger Meet bloggers

From ThatsSoYesterday

{ Photo above via That’s So Yesterday: Me, Hayley, Lucy, Susuana and Christie. }

Law and Emma

{ Lovely hosts Law and Emma. }

Bloggers chatting


{ Gorgeous pieces by Maggie Angus (left) and Wired Jewellery (right). }


{ Faye. }

Lush goody bags

{ The Lush goody bags. }

Handing out bracelets

{ Emma handing out the bracelets from Bang On Vintage. }


{ Law. }

Presentation by Faye from Wired Jewellery

{ Faye from Wired Jewellery – she was really nervous which was so endearing! }

London Christmas Blogger Meet goody bag

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  I’m on a special ‘mission’ for Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair tomorrow (details also on the Judy’s at Spitalfields Facebook page) so if you’re heading down to Old Spitalfields Market I’ll see you there ;)




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