Where I'm from:
I was born and raised in a small town within Manchester, England.  I love Manchester but hate the small town and dream of escape! I have also lived in Preston, England (where I did my degree in Media Production) and London, England, which I adore.

Why I blog:
I live in a boring, typical English town and blogging gives me something to do that is productive, allows me to be creative, and even though I haven't been doing this for very long I've found the blogging community to be very friendly - who can complain about a free hobby that you can do in your pyjamas and that enables you to meet lovely people from around the world?!

Things I like:
Photography, fashion, shopping, travel, Audrey Hepburn, animals, music I can dance to, music I can mope to (when I'm in that kind of mood), UK Glamour magazine, UK Elle magazine, Rooibos tea, scarlet and hot pink lipstick, going to the cinema, lazing in beer gardens on sunny days, the South Bank, baking, Selfridges, getting dressed up, reading blogs with a big mug of tea, Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream, Patrick Dempsey, comments!

Things I dislike:
Flying, spiders, losing things, laddering my tights, wearing in new shoes, the price of Polaroid film, queue-jumpers, girls that flirt with my boyfriend.