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Aug 6, 2011

Wish me LOOK

A slight change from the usual today but hopefully you’ll like it just the same.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about LOOK magazine’s blogger competition, whether that’s because you’re a follower of last year’s winner LLYMLRS (who doesn’t love her?) or because you’ve entered yourself. If you don’t know about it…actually I’m not telling you, I don’t want any competition ;)

Here’s my entry (when you all crossed your eyelashes for us viewing/obtaining our new flat it seemed to work really well so if you could do that again it’d be much appreciated!)…

Why should I be on the front row at The Look Show AW11?

  • I love fashion: wouldn’t be much point in entering this if I didn’t would there? I’m not a UK size 6, super long-limbed, über-gorgeous blogger – I’m your average girl who has a passion. But I think that makes me more relatable, or at least I hope so!

Blah Blah Becky: Flannels Manchester opening

  • I love photography and also have a media production degree which includes modules in video production, post production and computer graphics. Yep, I’m a creative melting pot – but bloggers have to be multi-skilled!
  • I also love to write: when I was little I made up the most cringeworthy stories and also illustrated them myself. If I win I promise to dig one out (my mama bear is a hoarder) and post some scans of it!

Blah Blah Becky

  • I relish the fact that fashion bloggers put themselves under pressure – but it’s a good kind. What I mean is that if I don’t want to post then I don’t have to but 1) I just love to, and 2) if I don’t push myself I’ll get nowhere and I’ll only have myself to blame. I am driven, ambitious and focused: I want my blog to succeed and I have to make it so by myself.
  • I have big dreams for my blog and the exposure I would gain from winning this competition would give me such an amazing footing for helping me to realise them!

p.s. I love you really!

If you do want to enter this competition (grr!) pop over to the LOOK magazine website quick because it’s only open for entries until 15th August!


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