Oct 30, 2011

DIY: How to carve a Halloween pumpkin

Pumpkin carving

Halloween isn’t Halloween without a pumpkin! Even if I’m not doing anything else to mark October 31st I have to make a little Jack-o’-lantern. I’ve been carving them for a few years now so thought I’d put together a step-by-step guide in case you fancy having one but don’t know how to make it!

Choose your pumpkin

Ideally you need a medium-large sized pumpkin with at least one flat-ish surface area – this makes the whole process much easier!

Draw your design

Pumpkin design

Once you’ve chosen your design sketch it onto your pumpkin. You can use a marker or felt tip if you like, I usually do but this year I couldn’t find one and gently used a biro – I actually preferred it as the waxy surface of the pumpkin means you can just rub off any mistakes!

Cut off the lid

Pumpkin lid

This importance of this part is so easily underestimated but be sure to angle the knife inwards towards the centre of the pumpkin to create a slanted edge – this gives the lid something to rest on later and stops it falling into your pumpkin later!

Pumpkin lid

Your lid should then easily pop out giving you access to the juicy insides! Now the boring part begins!

Scoop out the insides

Pumpkin scooping

Using a spoon you need to scrape out the seeds from the inside of the pumpkin. Get out as much as you can, which can be tricky as it’s quite stringy. I also use scissors to chop off any stubborn bits!

Carve your design

Pumpkin carving

Once it’s all hollowed-out you can start cutting your design into the pumpkin using a sharp, thin knife. You may find it helps to lightly trace over your sketched design then peel off the skin.

Pumpkin carving

I think the texture is most similarly compared to that of an apple so it’s quite easy to cut through. Just take your time! Once you’re done tidy up any jagged edges.

Light your pumpkin!


Pop a tealight into the middle of your pumpkin then light it, being careful not to burn yourself :) DONE!



  • Ooh spooky! :-) Every year I buy a pumpkin then never get round to carving them! Thanks for stopping by my blog still hun, I’m glad to be back. Have been meaning to comment on here for a while to say how much I have been loving your posts (particularly your lovely outfits!) since you moved back down to London. Of course I always loved your blog and outfits before, but they have been even more fab and gorgeous lately! Keep up the brilliant work and glad it seems like you are loving being back in London! xx
    JB- Sunshine with everything recently posted…Quick Pics- Green Skirt and Stripes

  • Great pictures. I love your carving! :) I didn’t carve this year and I kind of wish I did!

    I’m doing an amazing jewelry giveaway on my blog today and I would love for you to stop by and enter it!

    Anna recently posted…Make a Statement With Leuer

  • Love it! SO spooky :) I haven’t caved a pumpkin this year! I must next year though :)

    Love, Vanilla
    Vanilla-Notes from my closet recently posted…My style- Halloween

  • Fabulous scary pumpkin face!! Happy Halloween Becky xoxo
    adele recently posted…Autumn Neutrals

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