Feb 1, 2011

vintage fair in Leeds

Over the weekend Chris and I jumped on the train to Leeds, where we tend to end up when we fancy a change: Leeds is fantastic for shopping and nightlife, and the train only takes about one and a half hours.

My favourite area to focus on shopping-wise is the Victoria Quarter (photo, left). Home to stores such as Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Kurt Geiger, All Saints, Reiss, and Whistles, it feels much more laid back and tranquil than the hustle-and-bustle of main shopping strip Briggate. And of course the architecture is just beautiful.

I have many friends who went to university in Leeds and have regularly heard them talk about the Corn Exchange so on this visit we decided to hunt it down and see what all the fuss was about.

As we approached I spotted a sign at the entrance stating that Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair was taking place inside that very day: I have posted about this fair before but never actually got round to going so I was thrilled to find out I’d stumbled on it by accident!

Once inside, I was not disappointed – either by the glorious Corn Exchange or the Vintage Fair.

The most amazing pair of red shoes at one of the stalls.
Whilst I tried on several items there were two things I truly fell in love with: first was was a lemon yellow button-up cotton dress with a peter pan collar. I made the mistake of putting it down whilst I went to find Chris and ask his opinion – when I came back I saw some cow another girl buying it. Rookie mistake. The second item was a black dress with a fitted bodice and layered lace skirt, seperated by a thin velvet waistband with a bow in the centre. But there was no way it would have fit me.
As we didn’t realise this fair was taking place we didn’t arrive until 30 minutes before the stalls were all packing up so next time I’ll absolutely ensure that I get there nice and early. There will be a next time now I know how fruitful this could have been with proper rummaging time! And it truly is affordable vintage. The two dresses I mentioned above were £30 and £35 respectively.
The next fairs are scheduled as follows:
Screengrabbed from the Vintage Fair website

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  • I love the Victoria Quarter. I completely agree it's beautiful for shopping, you can just feel so at ease there without any chaos!xx

  • i want to go there! i need to go back to the UK very soon.

  • I am a fan of judy's affordable vintage fair :) I always go to the ones in York but might venture to Leeds and chek it out :)

  • i wish i can jump on a train and go somewhere fabulous!

  • Absolutely bloody kicking myself! Went up to Leeds that weekend to attend but I decided in the end not to go! Looks gorgeous though – will have to catch it when it visit's me at home. x

  • Ooh, the fair looks awesome! I'm sure there were so many lovely things there!



  • That picture of the shoes….(Sigh)

    I love seeing several pairs together. It's creepily gorgeous.

    Castle Fashion

  • I found this blog behind other and i like i follow you now follow each other?
    Lets share fashioooooon! hahaha

  • I'd love to visit Leeds one day! Like you said, the architecture is stunning! And oh my, those red shoes?! They're so beautiful!! xoxoxoo

  • ahhh this looks lovely, wish i'd known about it beforehand! x

  • that sounds lovely. I wish I could go to a vintage fair. The shopping quarter looks amazing!

  • thanks so much for commenting! I hope your flower pin works out (: when I went to london 2 years ago I think I spent about 80£ in accesorize!
    glad you vintage shopping turned out well!!


  • what a beautiful place to shop!!! :)


  • wow it must have been a dream to shop there! so jealous.

    in her stilettos-an austin fashion blog

  • What a lucky break stumbling upon the vintage fair. And, yes, those red shoes are amazing. :)

  • [...] and I’ve always been in the wrong city at the wrong time, apart from the one occasion where I randomly stumbled across the vintage fair in Leeds. There will now also be a dedicated event taking place in London’s Old Spitalfield Market on [...]

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