Dec 12, 2011

Review: MeMeMe Smokey Eyes make up kit

MeMeMe Smokey Eyes Kit

Smokey eyes

After I wrote a review of the MeMeMe Goddess Collection contacted me again to see if I wanted to also test out another make up product from their site. I’d been so impressed with the Goddess Collection that I jumped at the chance!

A fan of a smouldering smokey eye for as long as I’ve been wearing make up, I was immediately drawn the to the MeMeMe Smokey Eye make up kit and I tested it out properly last week when I attended an evening event.

The ‘create the look’ kit contains:

1) Fat Cat mascara

2) Eye Sweep in black

3) Eye Line eye pencil in coal

4) Powder Eyeshadow Trio

5) A handy step-by-step card

Smokey Eyes Kit eyeliners

Eye Sweep

This is the first time I’ve tried a felt tip-style eyeliner and I am completely sold. This product is so, so easy to use, lasts all day without smudging, and is the perfect inky black. I’ve used it every single day since!

It’s also a great starter tool if you’re new to using eyeliner: it’s easy to build up gradually and the precise nib makes that timeless make up look the eye flick so simple to achieve.

Eye Line

I have used Dior’s eyeliner crayon for years and simply put I adore it so this Eye Line had a lot to live up to – and yet I was really, really impressed. The colour is very strong and long-lasting yet it’s easily smudged with a cotton bud to make it softer and more lived-in. I’ll be giving this a permanent place in my make up kit (but I’ll still keep my Dior crayon too, a bit of luxury never goes amiss!).

Smokey Eyes Kit eyeshadow and mascara

Powder Eyeshadow Trio

This trio consists of white, mid-grey and dark grey eyeshadows. The theory is to apply to white as a base and highlighter, the mid grey into the crease of the socket, and to use the dark grey to add more depth. Of course the colours can also be used singularly or with other shades; I’m favouring the dark grey with a nice plummy-purple for a more colourful alternative.

As with the other products in this kit, these are also very hard-wearing and barely creased all evening, despite the fact that I forgot to apply my eye primer as I was rushing.

Fat Cat mascara

I’m not faithful to any one brand or type of mascara and I like trying new ones as and when they appear on the market. So, I was keen to try this and can safely say it’s definitely one I’d be happy to buy again as it’s super-black and made my lashes look really thick: along with Clinique’s High Impact and Maybelline’s Volum’Express One by One it’s a new favourite!

Before and after

Smokey eye and bare eye

You’ve already seen what the products look like when they’re applied, here’s a made-up eye next to a bare eye so you can compare the difference. As I’ve already mentioned I wore this look for an event so if you’d like to see what this looked like from a distance just pop over to my post about the IntoWP Windows event.

Overall thoughts

Once again, I was incredibly impressed with this kit from MeMeMe. The products are all highly pigmented, much more so than you’d expect for make up within this lower end of the price range.

Not only that but they last forever. Seriously, I committed the ultimate skin sin of falling asleep in my make up and the next morning my eye make up still looked freshly applied! Just don’t try that at home … ;)

Click to buy: MeMeMe Smokey Eye make up kit (currently on special offer!)



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