Oct 15, 2011

Review: Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight & Smooth

Humidity and rain are my enemies, transforming my naturally wavy hair into a frizzy afro. So when Charles Worthington offered to send me their new Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit I was more than happy to say yes. Any product that claims to “leave your hair straighter and smoother for up to 6 weeks” was worth trying!

What is CW Salon at Home Straight & Smooth?

It’s a semi-permanent straightening treatment that you can do by yourself at home. The product contains proteins and argan oil along with Cysteamine, a straightening agent that apparently ‘re-programmes’ your hair to keep it smoother for longer.

CW Salon at Home Straight and Smooth


There are 2 versions, for coloured hair and non-coloured hair, so if you’re thinking of buying it make sure you choose the appropriate one (if you use the non-coloured, as I did, you can dye your hair 2 weeks later if you wish).

Please make sure you conduct the all important allergy test! There was an awful story in the news this week about a girl in Scotland who died whilse dying her hair herself so please don’t be lazy/reckless and just test it first!

The application is much like a dye-at-home job. There are 2 products to be added to clean, wet hair, the Straightening Treatment then a Conditoning Neutraliser, with a rinse in-between. Then you just blow-dry your hair straight (I used a round brush and concentrator nozzle to get mine as sleek as possible) and straighten if you like too.

I wasn’t sure if any other products could be used so I skipped my usual Frizz Ease and heat protection cream just to be on the safe side (plus it gave me the chance to see what this treatment is capable of!).


I applied the straightening kit in the evening and I could see the difference as soon as I woke up the next morning. Instead of my usual messy bed-head (sadly not the good kind of bed-head) my hair was extremely straight except for a small flick at the ends.

This evening I washed my hair for the first time since applying the treatment (thank god, you have to leave it for 48 hours the first time and I’ve felt disgusting all day!). I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my hair and I’ve rough-dried it as usual: it’s definitely straighter than normal, though not poker straight (personally I’m happy with that as I prefer my hair to have a bit of movement because it’s not very thick so it can look flat if it’s too straight).

I could definitely get away with not straightening it if I didn’t want to. I think that besides the fact my hair is now more manageable and I’m saving time every day, that’s another huge bonus as I won’t be damaging my hair as often over the next few weeks.

I’ll keep you updated about whether it lasts the full 6 weeks!


- PRICE: The RRP is £19.99 (but it’s currently £13.33 at Boots on special offer!) so this product is significantly cheaper than salon straightening treatments, which cost around £100+.

- CONTENTS: The products in the box are generous in size, I actually threw away half of the first tube (any unused product has to be disposed of). You are also provided with gloves and an After Care Conditioner.

- RESULTS: This has definitely made my hair straighter and smoother so it does what it says on the box! I might not apply it on a regular basis but I’d definitely consider using it before going on holiday, for example. If it cuts down on having to blow-dry my hair (to be honest something I was too lazy to do properly most of the time anyway) then straighten it every day it’ll save me a lot of time!


- SMELL: There’s no denying the stench this product gives off and it’s alarmingly similar to hair removal cream (although Chris said I smelt “like dog food”, no idea what he fed his dog). The odour has lingered even after a shampoo but the box did warn this might happen for a couple of washes.

- PROCESS: It’s a long-winded process (it took me around an hour) and I was really paranoid about keeping my hair straight and tangle-free as instructed so I spent much of the time combing my hair and worrying about my shoulders and ears causing kinks!

- 48 HOUR WAIT: After the initial application the guidance is to not wash hair for 48 hours, and as someone who washes mine daily I felt pretty greasy by the end!

Buy Charles Worthington’s Salon at Home Straight & Smooth (currently on special offer!)



  • I don’t straigten my hair but shall recommned this to my cousin. She adores these sort of things;-)
    Englishvers recently posted…At Paris

  • Nothing keeps my hair straight, its so bloody thick. Hence why I don’t attempt a straight hairstyle anymore. Think I will give it a try to see if it makes any difference to my hair, worth a try xx
    Kylie recently posted…Swooning Over A Paris Romance

  • Thanks for your comment!
    I could only do the give away for my dutch readers because of the travelling.

    Nice blog you have!
    Maybe we could follow each other?
    Follow mine at http://monstrousstyle.blogspot.com and I’ll follow you too!

    Vera recently posted…Give away: Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project Tickets.

  • Thanks so much for stop at my blog and leaving me this lovely comment, I like so much make up and fashion so… you have a new follower babe!
    Sara recently posted…Asymmetric Dress

  • ah! i am so scared of trying a straightening procedure on my hair! glad to hear it went well for you :) thank you for your sweet comment!! loving your style — following

    visit again soon xo

    Diana recently posted…galaxy

  • Thank you for your sweet comment in my blog:)
    I feel so happy to have someone like you that loving my blog, and I have to say I love your blog too, and of course I like your style, effortless beautiful! following back:)
    Hallie recently posted…Peter Pan Collar and Grandma’s Curtain

  • Thanks ♥ Yes it’s inspired by Adele’s song :D I love this song ♥
    Karloushette recently posted…Turning Tables

  • Ooooo!!! Just bought this product. I’m a little scared to try it :-) xxx

  • My hair couldnt be straighter if I tried but I have so many friends who will love this!

  • Great Post !! Like it !

    See you, xoxo


    Morgane recently posted…Vrac

  • Oh wow what a good idea. I might have a look at it…my straighteners are ruining my hair.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sarah Betty xx

  • I am also thinking about trying this on my hair! I am a little scared though, because my hair breaks really really easily! Would it be better if I used the version for coloured hair even if it’s not? Thanks for the review xxx

  • Hi, do you think this would work on afro hair?

    • Hi, unfortunately according to the box it isn’t suitable for afro hair. I love fros though, embrace it! :)

  • im sitting here with the stuff on my hair right now! I have one comment so far:
    the gloves they give you in the kit are dreadful! I was all ready to start & tried to put them on but they just tore oh so easily! they are made of some kind of fragile plastic. I had to go to Boots & buy some good quality latex surgeons gloves! My advice is to buy some first!
    ill post on the results later!
    simone recently posted…DIY: How to carve a Halloween pumpkin

  • Well here I am procedure completed. Im sorry to have to say this tho – dont waste your money folks – its a scam! It does no different than any normal wash & condition & then straightening tongs can do! My hair is still quite frizzy & I followed the instructions to the letter!
    Im very disappointed!
    I also have to tell you, Ive relaxed my hair before using another product Boots sell : “dark & lovely” hair straightener kit AND that stuff is only about £4 !
    BTW I only have what Id call wavy hair not tight curls & its not afro. Im caucasian with dark wavy hair just below my shoulders. Unfortunately if I let it dry naturally without tongs I get the “Brian May ” look! Thats why I was hoping this product would tame it but certainly not in my case. good luck if it works for you but Id just go for the other stuff!
    simone recently posted…DIY: How to carve a Halloween pumpkin

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