Jul 5, 2011

Proof that it’s always worth trying a trend

We all have our most hated body parts and mine is my stomach.

As a teen I was so ‘skinny’ (I horrible word but one I was often called) and I hated it. In college I discovered drinking and friends with cars, which meant a quick weight gain. I’d have done anything to be ‘skinny’ again.

In short, like most women, I don’t think I’ve ever been happy with my shape and in all honesty doubt I ever will be. But I’ve learned to accept the shape I am (well, most of the time anyway).

Last time crop tops were in fashion I had the stomach to wear them with pride and was too young to even appreciate it. When they rolled back around last year after a decade in the ‘crime against fashion’ pile I enviously spied seemingly billions of girls flaunting their toned tummys.

Not one to ever let a trend pass me by without at least trying it, I recently played dress up and had a go at wearing a crop top just to see if I could make this look work for me (apologies for the moody face, I was in a rush and getting annoyed at using self-timer!).

Tie Shirt Full Skirt Outfit Post

Wearing: Vintage Givenchy striped shirt (thrifted from Oxfam), high-waisted skirt (belt came with) from River Island, black leather stilettos from Faith

Pairing a tied-up shirt with a high-waisted item such as this River Island skirt (one of the items I bought in the sales) enables you to take on the crop top trend without flashing the dreaded muffin top and I actually really like this look! What do you think?

This Givenchy shirt, dubbed my ‘Beetlejuice shirt’ for obvious reasons, is one of my all-time greatest bargains – it cost only £7.50. I think it’s actually a mens’ shirt but I love it buttoned right up and tucked into jeans and now I love it tied-up too!


  • your shirt is a great find! I love your skirt too! such a beautiful colour :)

    Love, Vanilla


    • Thanks a lot! It was the colour that drew me to it initially :-)


  • i think you look great! that blue skirt is to DIE for! i wouldn’t worry about your tummy at all.

    • Thanks very much Gemma! Gotta love River Island sales!


  • Nice to discover your blog ! You look great in this outfit !


    • Thanks very much :-) Glad you like it, I hope you’ll come back soon!


  • The high waist skirt and tied up shirt works really well- I just discovered that too. I love the outfit- especially the skirt! Such a lovely colour. x

  • You look great – I’ve still a bit of way to go until I’m at the stage of baring even the teensiest bit of my midriff with no fear!
    Thumbs up for your personal style – I really need to stop being so lazy on weekday mornings and make more of an effort, you’re putting me to shame!!

  • Also, that chair looks AMAZING.

    • Thanks a lot Cat! I didn’t actually wear this today, I took these photos at the weekend! On weekdays it’s trousers and a smart top for work – lazy but it’s easy!


      p.s. I’ll tell my Mum you like her chair :-)

  • It fits you dear! I love the cerulean blue skirt. :)

  • you don’t need to be skinny to be beautiful :) also, I love that skirt! Almost bought a white one like that today xo


    • Ooh I’d love it in white too! Where did you spot that?


  • OoOoo! Love this look! Adore the fullness and the color of the skirt. You look great.

    Stop by my blog some time at http://stylelustpages.com!

  • This looks great on you – especially love the skirt! Am now following you, hope you follow me too xoxo

    • Ah thanks so much Adele! I’ll visit your blog right now!


  • Ahhh I love the top so much (what a deal!). I’m not 100% toned in the stomach area either but I’ve been wearing crop tops this season like they’re going out of style FAST. They’re just so much fun.

    • It’s so true, and what is fashion about if not having fun?!


  • Oooo just the look I love and you look great. Thankfully with the trends at the moment the waists are high so you only have to show a slither of midriff. Fab xx

    • Thanks Kylie! But OOH look at your gorgeous toned tummy in your latest post – I shan’t be bitter, I’m sure you’ve worked hard for it and I sure as hell don’t!


      • hahaha full cropped for me are reserved for beach holidays when everyone is practically naked. No my tum looks pregnant still when I let loose. Sucking in works wonders LOL. I took a double check at your photo and you are mad woman, you have a lovely waist xx

  • Adorable skirt. Sometimes it is important to remind ourselves that a healthy body is a beautiful body. =)

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  • Beautiful pictures!

  • lovely skirt!


  • Love that look but especially love that skirt. I’ve got the shorter version in orange and I Love it!


  • WOW. Great look dear!
    Follow my blog
    Kisses from pepa:X

  • Ah, I have *literally* just taken delivery of that same skirt, also from the River Island sale (and, er, also the red and cream versions. I may have gone a little bit overboard there.) Sadly, mine has arrived with a busted zip, which has really annoyed me as it’s sold out now, so I can’t exchange it. I was going to just return it, but your photos have convinced me to just replace the zip instead – it looks really great on you, and you need have no worries about your figure at all (although I think we all do: I bet if we all suddenly woke up as supermodels tomorrow, we’d still find something to be self-conscious about. I know I would, anyway.)

    • How strange that we both have this skirt and the blue midi ASOS dress! Good taste sister :)

      It’s a shame yours is broken, you should take it in store and ask for more discount if they can’t find a replacement – I used to work in River Island and we did take money off for damaged items (even sale stuff!).

      SO true about never being happy!


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  • love the whole look- cropped but classy. Can’t believe you got that shirt for so cheap! It’s beautiful

  • [...] Blah Blah Becky: Proof that it’s always worth trying a trend: cropped tops without muffin top. [...]

  • [...] Blah Blah Becky: Proof that it’s always worth trying a trend: cropped tops without muffin top. [...]

  • You look lovely!! It works really well together & I love the colour :)


  • [...] Blah Blah Becky: Proof that it’s always worth trying a trend: cropped tops without muffin top. [...]

  • [...] Blah Blah Becky: Proof that it’s always worth trying a trend: cropped tops without muffin top. [...]

  • [...] Blah Blah Becky: Proof that it’s always worth trying a trend: cropped tops without muffin top. [...]

  • I like the look! You look fab. I think you are right by going high-waisted and doing the crop above it. I’m going to try it! It’s all about the illusion (well, that’s what I tell myself anyway, lol).


  • Love the outfit! I like that you’ve brought some subtlety to the trend – such a fun but still chic look.

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  • That high-waisted skirt is fantastic, seriously! I love what you’ve done with your look. It’s works so well. :)

  • I think you did a great job with this look! I really like it!

    And you are right— we all struggle with aspects of our appearance. And that is ok!

  • I love it!

  • you look so cute, the vibrant blue of the skirt is fantastic


  • You look flippin’ great!!! GREAT! I like your take on midriffs by wearing an item that is a wee bit more high waisted, looks gorgeous on you.
    Jamillah recently posted…What I Wore-Date Night with The Voice

  • i love your whole look. royal blue is my favorite color this season. and you look fabulous! we should never let our body types limit our look! definitely following!

    sarah rose
    sarah rose recently posted…#6 Mintastic

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