Dec 31, 2011

My Christmas 2011: a photo diary

Christmas Diary 2011

When I moved to London in August not only did I realise how much stuff I actually have but I also downsized space-wise so every purchase has to be carefully considered. Living through my first (memorable) recession has also shown me the pointlessness of spending hundreds of pounds on presents for the sake of it – especially considering most ‘Christians’ in the UK are non-active and atheism is on the rise.

This isn’t a ‘bah humbug’-type post. I love Christmas. I love the twinkly lights, the bright colours, the fact that everyone is in a better mood, wearing sequins during daylight, layering on the knitwear, listening to bad/good music, watching overly-sentimental films, cracking open the alcohol with breakfast and that being ok.

This is just to say that the emphasis of my wonderful, understated Christmas has been on spending time with family and friends and that’s exactly how I think it should be.



  • wow seems like it was a fun and busy year for you!
    I agree about not buying presents for the sake of it – but rather creating beautiful memories and spending time together is more valuable for me.

    Wish you a very happy NEW YEAR!!

    Tali recently posted…Faces

  • Happy new year. I have always loved your blog.
    Hope last night celebration was good.


  • I had an understated Christmas with the family this year as well and really enjoyed it.
    Is that Somerset House Ice Sating I see? I’ve yet to book myself in for that!

    Happy New Year!!
    Sherin recently posted…Happy New Year

  • Beautiful photos me dear!

    Looks like you had a fab Christmas.

    Cannot believe you’re starting fresh with the blog – go girl. If the new year isn’t the perfect time to do so, when is!?
    I’ll be sure to follow you over to life/style/flash (although I did think nudity before photography)! #JustSaying Lol

    H x
    Hayley recently posted…Personal Styling Update: Sesame Street Swag

  • Love your pictures, Thank you for your comment on my blog. It’ll be a tough year for me, no shopping, but I’m going for it!

    Happy 2012!!

  • These photos are very nice. Thanks for sharing. Christmas is truly a very special day for all of us.
    Margaret recently posted…Paper Wasp Nest: A Natural Masterpiece

  • Looking into my previous Christmas photos never fail to bring joy to my heart. It looks like your Christmas was both memorable and successful. Although Christmas is still far away, I am glad that there is someone who decided to share this memorable occasion. Thank you
    Sarah recently posted…DTS Home

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