Dec 11, 2011

Lumie Clear light treatment trial: weeks 3-4

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my experience of adult acne and everything I’ve tried to get rid of it. Let me just reiterate for a minute the affect acne can have on your life. I’m not being dramatic about a couple of spots here! I have avoided social occasions because of my skin and I’ve found it so frustrating that it’s reduced me to tears (and I am not a cryer).

So I am currently trialling Lumie Light’s “Clear”, a light therapy product that uses red and blue LEDs to help reduce and prevent spots. At the time of that first post I had been using the light for a week or so and wasn’t yet seeing any difference – I was ok with that though, Lumie had said it takes around 4 weeks before you notice any changes.

So as I hit the 4-week mark what are my thoughts?

I am definitely starting to see an improvement in my skin!

After 3 weeks of using Lumie Clear I must admit I was starting to get frustrated. Why wasn’t it working?! I’d been using it every single day for 30 minutes! I had to remind myself that I had another week to go before it should start to show signs of working.

Now, I can definitely see a change in my skin.

Earlier this week I committed the ultimate skin sin and fell asleep while still wearing make up (I’m so annoyed at myself, I haven’t done it for years!). I’ve been paying for it since.

I am still getting the odd new spot anyway, despite this mishap, but they clear up much quicker now. I can actually see reduced redness immediately after using Lumie Clear so it makes sense to use it in the mornings (although some days I can’t quite wake myself up early enough!).

I’ll update you again in a couple of weeks. I’m excited to see how my skin (hopefully!) continues to improve ’til then!

Buy Lumie Clear (currently on special offer!).

If you’ve any questions about the product just leave a comment and I’ll try to help :)



  • I have their Bodyclock alarm clock which works with your circadian rhythm & swear by it xoxo
    adele recently posted…bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment

  • You are good at videos Becky, you should do more. If I wasn’t so nervous I would try and do them.

    I hope this works out for you, my husband has adult acne issues and is on super strong medication and is being referred again. I know it gets him down when he has meetings etc.

    Its super dry skin problems for me, winter is not good, my face literally peels away. Always had it so guess I am used to it and smother myself in cream. If only we could all be perfect haha xxx
    Kylie recently posted…JARLO London SS12 Sneaky Peak

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