Nov 21, 2011

Lumie Clear light treatment trial: weeks 1-2

Spots are something that affect everyone from time-to-time (often at the worst possible time), however having the occasional bad skin day is nothing compared to living with the affects of acne, even in it’s mildest form.  Throughout my teens I experienced the odd flare-up but was probably quite lucky – something I didn’t recognise or appreciate until recently.

Adult acne

Around 3 years ago I was happily taking the Yasmin contraceptive pill, the second combined pill that I’d tried and one I found suited me well.  However after a year it was noticed that my blood pressure was higher than it should be so it was decided that I should try the progestogen-only pill (‘mini pill’) and that’s where my skin problems began.

Ever since then I’ve experienced adult acne, at varying degrees of severity.  This has not been solved by: changing mini-pills (and I’ve tried a lot of them); not taking the pill at all; skincare products (including both expensive and cheap brands and prescribed gels); diet; exercise; mineral make up; not wearing make up; BB cream; tea tree oil; drinking more water; and wishing, wishing, wishing.

The only thing that worked completely was going back onto the combined pill but as this pushed my blood pressure back up I had to stop taking it again very quickly – health has to come first.

The Lumie Clear trial

Last month I saw on Twitter that the UK-based light therapy company Lumie were looking for people to trial their Lumie Clear product, so I sent them my application and was delighted to hear a few days later that I had been chosen.

I’d sent them the list of everything I’d tried to ‘fix’ my skin so far – fully expecting them to be put off by the fact that nothing had worked – and the fact that they weren’t has given me so much faith that Lumie Clear will be the one thing that rids me of this confidence-shattering affliction.

What is Lumie Clear?

Basically, Lumie Clear is a light-therapy product which emits skin-benefitting rays. So says the Lumie Clear website:

“Many acne patients find that their skin improves after exposure to sunlight and research has focused on specific wavelengths of light. Violet and blue light can eradicate the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria causing the inflammation; red light can be useful in further promoting the healing process. Lumie Clear LEDs emit blue light at ~415nm and red light at ~660nm.”

Results are expected in 4-ish weeks and after the last trial 70% of testers saw an improvement.

The product itself is a little pod which you plug into the mains and then either prop up on the base or hold directly against your skin for 15 minute intervals, timed by the machine.

My thoughts so far

I’ve found Lumie Clear incredibly easy to use and to incorporate into my daily routine, in fact it’s actually nice to sit down for a dedicated 15+ minutes once a day and just relax: I tend to use it when I’m watching a DVD or reading a magazine.

So far I’ve been holding the pod directly against my skin (hoping for faster results!) and find the machine gets pleasantly warm but apart from that there are no sensations, this is a 100% pain-free procedure.  Direct contact like this is recommended for no more than 15 minutes per day on each area but you can prop the machine up and use it for longer e.g. on your back.

I’ll be updating my blog with the results every couple of weeks and I took a ‘before’ photo so I can compare once I hit the 4 week mark - fingers crossed in a couple of weeks I’ll be back with clearer skin!

Buy Lumie Clear.

p.s. Sorry if this post is a bit long, I just wanted to give the product a thorough introduction so you’d know what it’s all about!


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