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Nov 15, 2011

A day of favourites, food and fashion

Outfit 10 November 2011

Wearing: LOL jumper, straight leg trousers and sequin slippers all from ASOS, pea coat from Topshop, leather bag from Next, Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in shade 1

Last Thursday I had a laid back – but equally action-packed – day off work, and Chris and I spent the best part of it on a 6 or 7-mile wander along the Thames, in my opinion the best thing to do in London, including a nosy at Somerset House’s ”20 Years of Dazed and Confused Magazine” and also their thought-provoking photography exhibition about the Amazon (did you know that every minute an area of rainforest the size of 3 football pitches is deforested?!).

With all of that walking I opted for an easy outfit, pairing my favourite trousers (yep you’ve already seen several times since I bought them last month) and my favourite comfortable but pretty flats with my favourite new jumper.

We also sampled Borough Market for the first time.  I restrained myself, leaving only with a gingerbread man, a fresh mango and orange juice, and a slab of the most delicious garlic and chive butter which we’ve steadily consumed over the past few days.  It was a wonderful experience and made even me, the Antichef, feel inspired to get in the kitchen; we’ll be returning.

In the evening I popped into Fluorescent PR’s SS12 press day (which I’ll post about soon) and a bloggers event hosted by Motel Rocks and Glossybox.  It was just the perfect day off, with the quintessential mix of exploration, enlightenment, food and fashion.

After a lovely weekend I have another busy week planned, which has me feeling both enervated and excited in equal measure, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m currently at F+F’s SS12 preview event (which is taking place in the Oxo Tower, seen in the last photo below) so I’ll be back to post about that soon!

Thanks for all of your lovely comments over the past week or so!  I’m sorry I’ve not had the chance to respond to most of them yet but I’ve been so busy; I plan to get back on top of it when I have time this week, along with reading over 200 new posts on Bloglovin’ – eek!

Somerset House Skate

{ SKATE at Somerset House, where Chris and I will be trying out our skillz in a couple of weeks. }

20 Years of Dazed And Confused

Dazed and Confused at Somerset

{ A couple of sections of the “20 Years of Dazed and Confused Magazine” exhibition at Somerset House. }

Borough Market

Borough Market

{ First trip to Borough Market. }

St Paul's at sunset

{ Dusk at St Paul’s cathedral … }

South Bank sunset

{ … and later sunset on the South Bank. }


Nov 14, 2011

London photo diary: my week in photos


{ Support Movember! }

Me with reindeer

{ Did you know you can now pet reindeer in Covent Garden every Saturday?!  You’re welcome! }

Covent Garden Christmas lights 2011

{ Neal Street’s Christmas decorations. }

Starbucks red cup 2011

{ The return of Starbucks’ red cups means the countdown to Christmas is officially on! }

Ralph Lauren Rugby, London, Christmas 2011

{ The classic real Christmas trees outside RL Rugby in Covent Garden, simply decorated with white fairy lights. }

BT Tower at sunset

{ The BT Tower at sunset. }

Ladurée London

{ I tried Ladurée macarons for the first time. }

Strawberry Delight crêpe

{ A Strawberry Delight crêpe from Crêpe Affaire. }


{ The Shard will eventually be Western Europe’s tallest building. }

I used to do posts like this whenever I visited London but since I moved here 3 months ago (wow, so long ago already) I fear I’ve fallen into the terrible habit I often associate with native Londoners – taking the place for granted.  This week I spent time rediscovering my love of this splendid city and also my love of photography, both of which I’m shamed to have let fall by the wayside.

There have been several Christmas light switch-ons over the past couple of weeks – isn’t it starting to feel festive? - and I’ve bought my first two presents, hooray!  I also treated myself to the new iPhone (my first ever, actually) and I should receive it this week.  Happy days!

Viva España!

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen some super-excited tweets from me last week … remember the Mango Style Night I went to a couple of weeks ago and the styling challenge I took part in?  I only went and won it, which means that at some point soon I’ll be packing my suitcase for a trip to Barcelona!!  I couldn’t believe it when I received the email (I literally had to read it 5 times because I thought I was mistaken!) so a massive thank you to the team at Mango who chose my outfit as the winning one :D

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!


Nov 9, 2011

Why blogging is more difficult in the winter

Besides the fact that 24% of the UK population suffers from SAD or subsyndromal SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) winter gives me more problems than the blues and a lack of motivation to get out of bed on those cold, dark mornings.  As a fashion blogger it also impacts on my ability to post. Here’s why.

It’s difficult to take outfit photos in the evenings

Bad model

As you probably know my blog is just a hobby and I actually work full-time: this leaves me with evenings and weekends on which to take outfit photos.  But now it gets dark – really dark – at 4pm evening photoshoots are out of the question, and as I only tend to wear a couple of outfits over the weekend (besides my lounging-around-the-house clothes) that is a grand total of 2-3 potential outfits to post each week.  Presuming all of my weekend outfits are interesting, which they’re not.

Besides anything else my boyfriend isn’t the most willing photographer so his idea spending quality time together over the weekend isn’t standing in the street with me screeching various versions of “URGH THAT ONE’S HORRIBLE!” at him { note to self: it’s not the angle that’s making you look podgy it’s the packet of Jammy Dodgers you inhaled last night … }.

Flash is harsh and unflattering

Bad flash - me in Amsterdam

Even if I was inclined to take some photos during the dark evenings, inside or out flash would be a necessity and since the built-in flash on cameras is wholly unflattering and usually far too harsh I try to avoid it at all costs.

Last year I did invest in a proper flash gun with a swivelling head and slide-out diffuser but the thing eats batteries so fast I can barely afford to use it.

Oh, and if you don’t use flash you just end up with crappy blurry images. Win.

The weather is usually hideous

Rainy NYC

{ I actually took this photo in June, that’s unpredictable NYC weather for you. }

Even if you get lucky and your boyfriend/Mum/friend/whatever actually volunteers to spend the weekend photographing you, it’s likely to be pouring with rain. That means that once again it’s also likely to be dark, you could damage your camera, and you’ll probably look crap (no offence, I’m sure you’d agree).

On dry days it’s often so freezing outside that removing your coat for even 5 minutes to take some outfit shots would result in hypothermia.  Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic, but basically it’s safe to say our outdoor outfit shots will consist of coats and boots for the next 4 months.

And now some positives!

- The cold weather presents lots of layering opportunities.

- Some of the best accessories are scarves, gloves and hats.

- Those cold, crisp mornings create the ideal natural light for your shots.

- Even better, misty days make for beautiful and haunting photos.

In summary …

Expect to see a lot of lookbooks, event photos, reviews and recipes here over the next few months!


Sep 15, 2011


London Aquarium

I’m heading to a couple of LFW things on Friday, going to Manchester for the weekend (to see Adele *squee!*), and then popping to another LFW show on Monday. Clearly I’ve got a busy few days planned – and I’ve not even packed for my trip to the mothership yet – so I may be MIA for a while but I’ll still be tweeting at @ByBlahBlahBecky if you’re missing me… ;) In the meantime here’s (part of) what I got up to on my birthday last Wednesday.

Sea life

As I’ve mentioned very briefly already, Chris took me to the London Aquarium for my birthday. We spent 2 hours enthralled by Green Sea Turtles, sharks, crocodiles, ‘Nemos’, Big Bellied Seahorses, Foxface Rabbitfish (seriously), and of course the new Gentoo Penguins. My favourite were the rays, who are natural born show-offs and are just so adorable-ly playful.

It wasn’t what we had planned initially (damned trains) but I had such a lovely day and I’m always happy to be a tourist in London, despite the fact that I live here again now. (In other London antics, tonight Chris and I are attending a recording of Jonathon Ross’s new show and the guests include Stephen Fry and Hugh Jackman – I’m still struggling to get over the fact that if we’d gone 2 weeks ago I’d have been in the presence of SJP and Adele. Woe is me.)

London Aquarium

London Aquarium

London Aquarium

London Aquarium

London Aquarium

London Aquarium

London Aquarium

London Aquarium

Video: Fishy behaviour

Here’s some very simple footage I shot using my crappy old phone. I couldn’t resist the urge to overlay the video with a clichéd but wonderful Disney song…I’m sure you’ll have guessed which one (:

And the winner is…

The winner of my giveaway for 2 tickets for London Fashion Weekend, courtesy of Lavazza Coffee, is:

Adele of Into The Blonde!

Congratulations Adele, I hope you and your plus 1 have an amazing time! (:




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